What I Know

I’ve worked with a variety of clients over the years. They’re high school, undergraduate and graduate students, entrepreneurs, women and men in career transition or who are experiencing a life change or loss. They’re also executives who want to be better presenters and leaders.

While each of my clients has different individual needs, they all share some commonalities. They want to express a part of themselves more fully at work, at home, and in other aspects of their lives. They want to live a life that is more aligned with their values.

Here’s what I know. Whether you desire to express your creative voice in more meaningful ways or you want to bring more of your authentic self to your life and work, the first step is to understand what you truly value. Knowing what you value makes it easier to silence your inner critic. It makes it easier to clear out what’s in the way.

Life often gets in the way of seeing what’s important and living it. That’s where I can help.


Stories of Enlightened Change

After working with me, clients tell me that they feel more focused, more connected to themselves and to others, and more confident about the next steps on their path.

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