What to Expect

Making an enlightened change means aligning your values throughout every aspect of your life. It means bringing more of your authentic self to every part of your life .

As your coach, I’ll help you realize, understand, and embrace your deepest values. I’ll work with you to synchronize your life and career to align with those values. You’ll explore how to use your unique gifts in more meaningful ways.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching moves you forward by building on your strengths and by helping you clear internal obstacles that block your work, your relationships, and your ability to be present.

We all have stories that we tell ourselves. Some of them hold us back.

While it’s important to understand how past narratives impact our thoughts and emotions, coaching focuses on the present and future.

You’ll learn how to clear past hurts with effective techniques.

You’ll discover how to increase positive energy in every aspect of your life. 

Coaching encourages you to set tangible goals that are achievable. It also teaches you skills for increased self-care and awareness.

Coaching helps you bring your best self to the world.

Services & Packages

• Career • Life • Transition • Leadership • Media Coaching & Workshops

Choose Phone, Skype, Or In-Person Coaching

Student Package

Five coaching sessions at a deeply discounted rate. Basic no-cost assessments are included.

Career Coaching Package

Five to eight sessions. Includes assessments, resume, bio and LinkedIn review, job search techniques, role playing for job and informational interviews.

Life and Transition Coaching

Six to eight sessions. Includes assessments.

Leadership Package

Eight sessions. Includes assessments.

Creativity Package

Five sessions. Includes assessments. Mentoring also available.

Media Coaching Package

Typically three to five sessions in person.


Small group workshops that focus on career and transition issues. Include assessments.

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