Is your creative flame burning low? 

Maybe you’re bursting with energy and can’t find the right outlet?

Perhaps you feel stuck in a career or life situation that seems difficult to change?

Do you want to improve the way that you present yourself at work, at home, and to the world?


A coach who’s been there herself. I get it. I am a creative entrepreneur, educator, and content creator who has worked to overcome many obstacles and my inner critic. It takes practice AND it’s doable!


I am a trained and licensed iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership practitioner. My interest in coaching began after working with students at the adult and university level. I discovered that one of my deepest values and gifts is that I have a genuine passion for supporting your well-being, happiness, and success.

I am also blessed with a strong and powerful intuition that allows me to help you see yourself more clearly and to express what might be difficult to articulate.

I bring nearly thirty years of experience as an award-winning filmmaker, educator, entrepreneur, and public speaker to coaching. As a woman-owned business, I am the president of two media companies, an Adjunct professor of film at American University, and am on the executive committee of the National Capital Region of the Producers Guild of America.

Learn more about my philosophy by listening to my Podcast on The Meaningful Way.